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Yours in Healing

Yours in healing is a phrase originally given to me by God as an email signature when communicating with clients. At first it felt like a nice catch phrase, however it is much deeper than that. Every time I write or speak those words, it is a declaration that I am allowing God to use me as a vessel of his healing and transformation in someone’s life. Although God has called me and anointed me to do what I do (I Timothy 1:12 NLT), I am ever mindful that this work is for you! Finally, it is a reminder of the work we are doing…partnering with God in your healing!

The Samueli Institute defines healing as “a holistic transformative process of repair and recovery in mind, body and spirit resulting in positive change, finding meaning, and movement toward the self-realization of wholeness.” Whether we partner in therapy, coaching, this blog, or any other vehicle God may use in the future; remember this is for you and I AM YOURS IN HEALING!

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